Not Giving Up My Day Job

. . . unless, of course, it’s to become a VB Brand Ambassador.


Noticing Trends

So I’m looking for wallpaper for my downstairs bathroom, and look what I find. Deco Daisy doesn’t happen to be my favorite pattern, but if it happens to be yours, you can wallpaper your house with it!

Inside Info

During our visit to the Vera Bradley store in San Antonio, I learned a little tidbit about one of my favorite styles – the Emma. Seems it may be retiring. I wanted to buy one in Blue Lagoon, but was told they only have one Barcelona, one Lemon Parfait, and one Watercolor. Corporate hasn’t replenished their stock, which usually means the style is going to the great outlet in the sky.

A New Look

So for a while now, I’ve felt guilty about the fact that this blog has sported a VB Baroque header. You know, because my last name isn’t Bradley and all that. So for now, we have a lovely generic Tiffany-blue (can I say that?) and white polkadot pattern. Until I can figure something else out.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m so excited about Mother’s Day. Not only do I have two wonderful, precious children to celebrate, but they are taking me to The Belmont for brunch with my family, and then – ta daaaa – we’re hitting the VB outlet in San Marcos AND the VB signature store in Sanny-Anny-Tanio (a la my 5 1/2-year-old). I’ve made my list, and I’ve checked about 5 times already. Wanna take a look at it? Here it is:

That’s for the signature store. Here’s the one for the outlet (keeping in mind, they may have all of these items, or none. You never know.):

Vera Digital Freebies

In case you’re looking to freshen up your desktop or mobile device, Vera Bradley offers free digital pattern downloads for everything from PCs to iPads. I just updated my laptop with Viva La Vera. Now to decide which pattern my iPhone gets. It’s a difficult decision. They offer pattern  archives all the way back to Spring 2009.

Notes from the Trenches

Here are a few things that happened in Charlotte:

1. My lovely friend Rachel, who was selected as the Next Vera Bradley Model at the event in Orlando, was selected as the first Ultimate Vera Bradley Fan in Charlotte! She is as sweet as pie and I only feel a teeeensy-weeensy bit jealous because you just can’t possibly feel anything but delighted for such a delightful person. And frankly, besides, um, yours truly, there’s nobody else I’d rather have hold the title.

2. I chickened out and did not even mention my blog to Barbara or any of the execs. I think I was afraid they’d actually read it. No offense to any of my gorgeous readers. But, you know. It’s like making dinner for Julia Child. No pressure or anything.

3.  I am a little more than sad that I wasn’t selected Brand Ambassador. And I probably will ruminate about this until the cows come home. I’m not sure if it was because I messed up or rubbed someone the wrong way, or if it’s just because they chose not to do it this time. I’m disappointed. But that’s not going to stop me from sticking my hat in the ring in Chicago in October. By golly, there ain’t NOBODY better for the job than me, and I’ll prove it over and over again, if I gotta.

4. I approached Barbara and Monica Edwards and told them my husband’s glorious idea about wrapping my H2 with a pattern. What I was afraid would be laughed at in a you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me way was met with smiles and enthusiasm – so much so, that Monica asked for my contact info and said, “Let’s do it!” Can you IMAGINE??!?! Barbara even told me that she asked her SIL, CEO Mike Ray, to wrap his Winnebago in a pattern! So it’s a thought that was already in her mind! Woot, Hunter!

5. As noted before, the next TUVBE is in October in Chicago. For some reason, I’m worried that I might have trouble securing tickets. I think the close proximity to Ft. Wayne might intrigue local fans and there will be a rush on registration. I have to, have to, HAVE TO keep my feelers up in mid-July to see when tickets go on sale. I’m having trouble keeping myself from checking flights already. Or. . . .  I could be relax and keep the paranoia to a minimum.  . . . . . Show of hands as to how many think THAT will happen.