Aaand, we’re back.

So we are back from Charlotte, NC, where my mom and I attended A Colorful Day: The Ultimate Vera Bradley Experience. I gotta say, the whole thing is better than Christmas (the gift part, not the Jesus part). Just being around so much VB, and mingling with people who love it (almost) as much as I do, thrills me like nothing else. I am trying to think of some other tangible thing for which I hold such an affinity, and the runners-up aren’t even close. Not only do I love the VB brand and product, but I feel as close as family to the people behind the company. These are women who could be my aunts and sisters. Had I met them anywhere else, I’d feel the same closeness and respect for them, because they are genuine, kind people who just happen to work for/run/be cofounder of the greatest woman-led company in the world. Both times that we’ve been to TUVBE, it’s been like a family reunion – with shopping. What more could a girl ask for? Hmmm. Maybe to have been named Official Brand Ambassador . . . but then again, there’s always October in Chicago. More about THAT later.


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