Aaand, we’re back.

So we are back from Charlotte, NC, where my mom and I attended A Colorful Day: The Ultimate Vera Bradley Experience. I gotta say, the whole thing is better than Christmas (the gift part, not the Jesus part). Just being around so much VB, and mingling with people who love it (almost) as much as I do, thrills me like nothing else. I am trying to think of some other tangible thing for which I hold such an affinity, and the runners-up aren’t even close. Not only do I love the VB brand and product, but I feel as close as family to the people behind the company. These are women who could be my aunts and sisters. Had I met them anywhere else, I’d feel the same closeness and respect for them, because they are genuine, kind people who just happen to work for/run/be cofounder of the greatest woman-led company in the world. Both times that we’ve been to TUVBE, it’s been like a family reunion – with shopping. What more could a girl ask for? Hmmm. Maybe to have been named Official Brand Ambassador . . . but then again, there’s always October in Chicago. More about THAT later.


Next, please? Dishes.

Plates and bowls. Plastic for outdoors, stoneware for everyday, and china for special occasions. Glasses printed with patterns.  Melamine trays.  I have so many ideas.

T Minus 3 Weeks

I am sooo looking forward to our trip to Charlotte in a few weeks. Not only because I get to be in my element, but because the VIPs of this lovely element are supposedly looking for a VB Brand Ambassador. Which got me thinking, maybe I should draw up a little “why-I-am-the-VB-Brand-Ambassador” worksheet. Starting with the fact that, when I applied for a Web position at VB last year, I put on my resume that I consider myself to be their unofficial brand ambassador. Maybe they’re just looking to make it official. Maybe they already have me in mind. Or, maybe I’m just delusional. Ah, well, either way, I plan on having fun and will still love my VB no matter what happens.

20% Off Everything at the Outlet

Just got an e-mail that everything at the outlet store goes an extra 20% off starting Thursday. I may have to make a trip to San Marcos this weekend. There are so many things I need. . . . (wink).

And so it goes.

Now that I’ve gone ahead and broken my own personal First Law of Blogging (i.e., post fresh content daily), we can move on to bigger and better. Namely, the fact that Vera Bradley is on QVC! I. Had. No. Idea!

Their bag prices are less expensive than retail, even with shipping. Check it out. Make a purchase or 8. And then set your DVR to record their timeslot when it airs. Because we both know, as much as we love VB, we won’t be catching them live at 12 a.m.



VB for the Manly Man

I’m wondering if this pattern is *just* masculine enough that my husband, a.k.a., the Marlboro Man, would carry this on a trip.

Just Wrapped Up My Latest Vera Purchase

I have been waiting for VB to come out with an attractive, packable jewelry case for some time now. I own a Bali Gold Jewelry Box, but I’ve never used it because it’s too spacious to hold small studs and fragile chains safely. So I was thoroughly delighted when I opened my inbox this morning to see this lovely product – the All Wrapped Up – staring me in the face. And at $18, I’d have been foolish not to brave the frigid 19-degree temperature to acquire a Boysenberry one posthaste.